TWRA Becomes Nation’s First Wildlife Agency To Start Online Streaming Platform

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has launched, an online streaming platform to broadcast agency and local independent outdoor video content, including the award-winning series, “Tennessee Uncharted.” The project is collaboration between the TWRA Extreme Outdoors TV and Horton Group, Inc.

The TWRA has become the first wildlife agency in the nation to start its own online streaming platform. Similar to Netflix or YouTube, will allow the agency to stream agency-produced, new and historical programming to users across the state and world.

Subscribers will be allowed full-access to all platform content as well as the ability to upload and share their own video content. In addition, the platform will incubate a community for independent producers to distribute and monetize their own targeted outdoor recreation content.  

Outdoor recreation in Tennessee generates more than $8 billion in consumer spending each year, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. As of 2015, the TWRA manages more than 1 million active hunting, fishing and boat registrations throughout the state. In addition, data reports that 78 percent of the population now watches online video every week.  

“All together these trends create a huge opportunity for TWRA to serve a growing online video demand for many different outdoor audiences,” said Don King, TWRA Chief of Information and Education.

The platform is developed and managed by Horton Group, Inc., a Nashville-based web marketing agency, who has developed custom websites and apps for various businesses across the United States.

“Users will be able to watch certain programming like Tennessee Uncharted for free or become a subscriber to the platform for $4.99 per month,” said Scott Scrip, consultant with Horton Group. “Subscribers will then get full access to over 60 years worth of digitally-remastered agency video. Plus subscribers and producers will be able to upload, stream and even create revenue streams with their own outdoor content.”

“Businesses and organizations can also market and brand themselves to outdoor audiences using the platform’s sponsorship-integration functionality,” said Tom Loch, President of Extreme Outdoors TV.  “Sponsoring partners of will be able to benefit from unique exposure opportunities to the highly-valued outdoor recreation consumer.”

Another ground-breaking feature of is that a percentage of all revenue generated on the platform will auto-direct to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation and its continued support of the conservation and media production efforts of the TWRA.

Now streaming is the complete “Tennessee Uncharted” Season 1. New episodes from Season 2 are being added weekly after airing on Public TV stations across the state and are available anytime on

Tennessee Uncharted television show highlights unique locations, local experts, techniques and traditions across Tennessee. Viewers watch as host Erick Baker leads the way through breathtaking beauty, deep-rooted culture and heart-pounding adventure, mined from the outdoors of Tennessee.

To learn more about “Tennessee Uncharted” visit  the website,, or contact by email here

From the Great Smoky Mountains, to the Mississippi River, from the Land Between the Lakes, to the Cumberland Plateau, this is your Tennessee.

Today, TWRF is poised to succeed. From humble beginnings, the organization has grown into the largest conservation nonprofit in Tennessee. The Tennessee Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt continues to be our flagship fundraiser. Coupled with a more balanced and comprehensive development and fundraising platform, our Heritage Club is the backbone of our annual giving. It provides sustainable, year-round income to support the organization’s many programs.

Tennessee has a rich hunting and fishing heritage. We are working diligently to maintain this valued lifestyle. We assist TWRA in managing many great programs including National Archery in the Schools, Becoming an Outdoors Woman, Hunter Education, After School Archery Program, Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit (TOYS), Moment of Freedom Project, Wounded Soldier Events and more. We also operate the Montgomery County Shooting Complex in partnership with TWRA. The facility has grown into the largest public shooting range in the state, offering standard and steel pistol ranges, 100, 200, and 400-yard rifle ranges, trap, skeet, 5-stand, sporting clays and archery course.

Partnering with TWRA on multiple tracts, we have assisted in the acquisition of more than 1,000 acres of property, providing public hunting opportunities across the state. We now administer more than 60 restricted accounts for TWRA personnel, supporting dozens of hunting and fishing events for Tennessee’s youth. We play a pivotal role in wildlife conservation by administering numerous contracts for wildlife disease and endangered species research. The completion of the Hatchie River Wetland Mitigation Bank has resulted in successful restoration of nearly 700 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, which will be transferred to TWRA to manage for public hunting upon closure of the mitigation bank. Through the efforts of TSMP, more than 50 miles of degraded streams have been restored, with more than 500 acres of sensitive riparian habitat protected by perpetual conservation easements.

These are just some of our recent accomplishments and contributions. With a continued focus, a solid plan, and strong leadership from an invested and motivated board of directors, we can accomplish even more in the coming years. As the nonprofit arm of TWRA, we can provide a synergy to help TWRA realize its goals for the benefit of future generations of outdoorsmen and women.

Banner Image – Country Road in Cade’s Cove, TN – Photo Credit: Dean Fikar