Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program

Stream restoration projects statewide

The TSMP was established under the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, in 2002 as a state wide in-lieu fee program. It was created to serve as one alternative for providing compensatory mitigation to offset unavoidable stream impacts permitted through §404/401 of the Clean Water Act. The TSMP is committed to providing meaningful mitigation by improving in-stream and riparian habitat and overall water quality.

The TSMP uses the principles of natural channel design and process-based methodologies to identify and develop stream restoration projects statewide. The program uses a watershed approach to complete large-scale restoration projects. Working with private landowners, other non-profit organizations, municipalities as well as state and federal agencies, the TSMP funds projects on significantly degraded streams to arrest bank erosion, improve water quality and restore aquatic and riparian habitat.

The TSMP has implemented 28 projects, restoring over 48 miles of degraded streams and over 800 acres of riparian habitat.

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Banner Image – Middle Prong of the Little River, Smoky Mountains National Park, TN – Photo Credit: Mark Baldwin