Moment of Freedom Project

Providing a Moment of Freedom in the outdoors for our wheelchair bound men, women and children.

On October 7, 2016, we said good-bye to our dear friend, Shane Hall. Shane was a true Tennessee sportsman and strong advocate for others with physical disabilities who desire to pursue the outdoors. He will be missed by so many.

Shane was recruited by the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission to head an effort to improve access on agency lands with the “Moment of Freedom” project. He was instrumental in bringing the TFWC’s “Moment of Freedom” concept to life working with Donald Hosse and other agency personnel to facilitate positive hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences for physically disabled men, women and children, as well as wounded members of the United States Military.

Shane raised a greater awareness of the role that the TWRA plays in managing all of the state’s fish and wildlife to the general public by engaging many who could not participate previously because of physical disabilities. Shane improved access for waterfowl, turkey and deer hunters with accessible blinds at Tennessee wildlife management areas. 

Shane has been instrumental in fundraising efforts resulting in the purchase and placement of portable blinds available for use across the state by working in cooperation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation.

Shane also promoted the concept of, “Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt,” as his position shared with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Your memorial donation to the Moment of Freedom Project will go toward constructing of wheelchair accessible blinds.

Thank you for remembering Shane in such a thoughtful manner. Your contributions help wheelchair bound outdoorsmen, women and children  achieve their dream. Your donation to the Moment of Freedom Project is greatly appreciated.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission members and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation are committed to providing this Moment of Freedom. By pooling resources, targeting efforts to raise awareness of facilities already available and by raising funds to provide 21 new wheelchair accessible sites over the next three years, the future is very bright for those deserving this “moment.”


Moment of Freedom Vision
To make no less than five new wheelchair accessible facilities in each of the four Agency regions over a three year period within the Wildlife Management Area system. These Facilities would provide opportunities for men, women, and children who are wheelchair bound to enjoy the outdoors via hunting, fishing, outdoor shooting sports, or observation of our State’s wildlife in its native habitat. Funds needed to purchase and/or con- struct such facilities would be the responsibility of the TN Fish and Wildlife Commission through seeking corporate or individual donations. It is understood that such donations are not to take away from other fundraising activities directly, or indirectly, serving the wheelchair-bound nor conservation communities. Where construction is required, the TFWC will endeavor to undertake these projects using volunteers in keeping with the “Habitat for Humanity” approach for home construction.

Prefabricated Blinds
As part of the Years One & Two Campaign initiatives, it is proposed that a portion of the donations be used to purchase portable, wheelchair accessible blinds. Under the Campaign, no less than one blind to be used for hunting and/or observation opportunities – will be purchased per Region per year, for a total eight portable blinds, minimum. Sites will be predetermined by each Regional Manager, with the intent being that multiple sites at multiple WMA’s will be created so as to assure the opportunity for a quality hunting and/or observation experience. Where site improvement and/or maintenance is required, this would be completed using volunteer labor.

Constructed Blinds
The Campaign Proposal includes the formal construction of wheel- chair accessible facilities as follows: Year One will include no less than one constructed facility, anticipated to be a waterfowl blind in the Region Three system; Year Two includes no less than either one constructed facility for hunting/wildlife observation, or one con- structed fishing facility per Region for a total of no less than four hunting/wildlife observation/fishing facilities constructed that year; Year Three includes no less than one constructed facility for hunting/wildlife observation, and one constructed fishing facility per Region for a total of no less than four hunting/wildlife observation and four fishing facilities constructed that year; Subject to the availability of funding through donations, a total of thirteen (13) wheelchair accessible facilities will be constructed within the State over the three-year period of this Campaign.

Donations are humbly accepted to help make this “moment” possible. Please consider a tax-free donation to allow more outdoor access to someone truly deserving of this Moment of Freedom Project.

Click here to learn more about Moment of Freedom, and view their interactive maps with wheelchair accessible deer, turkey, and waterfowl blinds, along with boating and fishing access.

Banner Image – Moment of Freedom hunters on Lake Lauderdale, TN – Photo Credit: Lance Rider/TWRA