Frequently Asked Questions

Is TWRF part of TWRA?

No. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is a registered nonprofit with the Tennessee Secretary of State.

How does TWRF help natural resources in Tennessee?

A focal point of TWRF’s mission is the restoration and conservation of Tennessee’s natural resources. The organization’s dedication to this mission is best measured by the on-the-ground results of its efforts. Through the TWRF’s Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program (TSMP), over 48 miles of degraded streams have been restored. The organization has also restored nearly 800 acres of forested wetlands. Additionally, TWRF is currently protecting over 400 acres of critical riparian habitat through perpetual conservation easements. These are just some of the accomplishments for which the TWRF is directly responsible. TWRF has also contributed multitudes of other conservation initiatives by partnering with TWRA and other organizations to benefit Tennessee’s natural resources.

Why should I donate to TWRF?

If you firmly support responsible management of Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources, then you should be a part of TWRF. Your contribution will help preserve Tennessee’s hunting and fishing heritage and support game and non-game wildlife and habitat improvement.

What does my contribution help support?

Your contribution to TWRF will assist us in our mission of promoting habitat conservation, an ethic of land stewardship and Tennessee’s hunting and fishing heritage through various means.

How can I become more active in TWRF?

We welcome any hands-on assistance or ideas that you can offer as a volunteer. TWRF could not be successful without the help of our volunteers. Many of our past successes have been accomplished through creative, hard working volunteers. If you want to become personally involved with one of our projects, or want to help us get more people involved in the outdoors, give us a call. You might be surprised at the difference you can make.

How can I find out more about TWRF?

Call our office at 615-831-9311 and we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. 

Can TWRF help me with my wildlife related issue?

Since TWRF is not involved with issues related to nuisance wildlife control, hunting licenses, permits, etc., please contact the TWRA regional office in your area. They will be glad to assist you with any of these issues or refer you to an appropriate contact.
TWRA Region 1 Office (West Tennessee)  1-800-372-3928
TWRA Region 2 Office (Middle Tennessee)  1-800-624-7406
TWRA Region 3 Office (Cumberland Plateau)  1-800-262-6704
TWRA Region 4 Office (East Tennessee)  1-800-332-0900

Banner Image -Brown trout fin surfacing – Photo Credit: Jeff Feverston