Food on the Table

I grew up in a home where men hunted. I was raised with an understanding of its true purpose—food. My dad taught us that a harvested animal was never to be wasted. If we did not have room in our freezer, the rest went to a family that did.

I have never hunted an animal. For the first time in my life, I am considering it. As a hobby and as a way to improve my health and the health of my young daughter, I study nutrition. I devour books, articles, and research to educate myself on the ideal human diet. I’ve read the shocking information about the food that the majority of us purchase at the grocery store and at restaurants, and it makes me constantly strive to find a better way.

I love to cook. And I know that the best dish can only be made from the best ingredients. I purchase vegetables from farmers when I can and buy organic options at the grocery store. Knowing that other components of a nutritious meal could be harvested in the wild has become more ethical and intelligent in my mind than contributing to the perpetuation of a food industry that is littered with challenges.

I know where meat comes from. That package of meat I threw in the cart used to be a living, breathing animal. Do I want to eat an animal that was probably raised in a miserable looking place and ate food that it was never designed to eat? Would I rather eat an ethically-harvested, mature wild animal that spent its days in it’s natural environment and ate the way God intended? What would I rather put on my daughter’s plate?

I think I could pull the trigger. 

– Amanda Woodlee